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Wet and Dry Vacuum

K-Plus is able to remove dry materials such as sand, grain, coal, coke, fly, ash, and many more. We provide removal of wet product such as tank bottom sludge, oils, and others with differing viscosities and densities. We are experienced in cleaning belt conveyors, bag house reactors, storage bins, pits, drains, tanks, basins, and many others. We provide cleaning for customers on a regular cleaning schedule, planned outages, and emergency spill situations.

Hot Water Pressure Washing

For difficult cleaning operations, coupling hot water and pressure is often the solution. This combinations successfully cleans machinery, heavy equipment, storage areas and surfaces. These services have been performed in many heavy industrial sites where oil and dirt combine.

Dry Ice Blasting

K-Plus uses solid form of carbon dioxide accelerated in a pressurized air stream and directed at a surface to remove debris. Dry Ice Blasting leaves no chemical residue due to evaporation. This media is non-conductive and less abrasive than sand, leaving no pits or damage on the surface. It’s specially designed for use around electrical components, motors, and around sensitive areas such as food processing and packaging areas

Tank and Confined Space Cleaning

K-Plus is specially trained to enter confined spaces of many varieties and removing any material within for either recycle or disposal. Safety is of utmost importance when dealing with any confined space. See our section on safety to see how K-Plus is ready to meet any customer’s objectives.

Abrasive Blasting

Commonly known as sandblasting, this process forcibly propels a stream of abrasive media against a surface under high pressure for cleaning purposes. Similar to using sandpaper, but provides a more even finish with no problems at corners or crannies.  

General Labor

K-Plus can provide safety trained laborers and project managers to see cleaning and maintenance projects through from beginning to end, including plant closures, shutdowns, general/scheduled maintenance, or emergency spills.